Exclusive Exploration & Mining
of Precious Gems
In The Holy Land of Israel

Precious Gems
Mined From the Holy Land of Israel

Precious Gems mined from the Holy Land of Israel are very rare and almost-impossible-to-find gems.

Shefa in Israel is the sole holder of permits and licenses for precious gems exploration and mining in the land of Israel.

All pictures of the precious gems that appear on this website are precious gems collected during the company’s exploration activities in and from the Holy Land of Israel.

Exclusive Mining Origin

The Holy Land (the Biblical Land of Israel) has long been and remains a pilgrimage destination for believers in the G-d of Abraham, including Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The State of Israel has been recognized for years as ‘the innovation nation’ and is a source of inspiration and attraction for many countries around the world.

Nevertheless, no one in documented history has ever advanced mining for precious gems in the Holy Land, especially in light of the geological information that was known about the area until recently.

Imbued with love for the Holy Land, and love of the profession, and inspired by Biblical and religious sources – Shefa in Israel is the one who made this dream a reality.

Exploration Status

Shefa in Israel is an explorer and developer of precious gems deposits operating in Northern Israel. Exploration activity is managed by professionally skilled and technically competent personnel with years of proven experience in their fields.

Currently, Shefa in Israel  holds exclusive exploration & prospecting Permits from the State of Israel,  for a total area of approximately 470,000 Dunams in Northern Israel.

Within these permits areas, Shefa in Israel has established the presence of its target gems  minerals in both primary volcanic sources and in secondary alluvial deposits lying within the Kishon catchment, on Mount Carmel and in the Zevulun and Yizre’el Valleys and their margins.

The Company’s target gems comprises Diamond, Natural Moissanite, Sapphire, Ruby, Carmel Sapphire™, Garnet, Hibonite, Spinel and Zircon, as well as other kimberlitic indicator minerals.

Marketing strategy

Alongside of its exploration activities, Shefa in Israel is promoting the company’s “Mine to Market” strategy – in order to maintain the gems’ market value and traceability.

By using the most innovative and proven means, including certification backed by Blockchain technology, we can provide the most authentic and transparent Gem Identification and Grading Report of the responsible journey that the gems made from the mine to the market.

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