The Founder:
Mr. Abraham
(Avi) Taub Z"L

Shefa in Israel (G.M.) Ltd. was founded by Mr. Abraham (Avi) Taub, in 1998.

Avi Taub started his journey in the Israeli Diamonds, Gemstones & Jewelry industry, in the late 60’s at his father’s commercial Diamond Polishing Factory.

Avi lead the business to pioneering Marketing Progress, in the early 1980s by being the First to establish a Jewelry Marketing and Sales method that gave the customer a Sensory experience, through dedicated showrooms linked to the production plants – With the intention of maximizing customer satisfaction from the purchasing experience.

In light of the great success of selling jewelry “made in Israel”, and after he received the information about the possibility of the existence of diamonds and precious gems in the land of Israel – he logically thought: ‘what can be more amazing than jewelry set with actual natural gems mined from the Holy Land of Israel?’.

This strategic decision sent Avi to be the first to open precious gems exploration and mining proceedings in Israel by Shefa in Israel.

Avi passed away sadly in October 28, 2019 at the early age of 68, but he left behind a professional and dedicated team who have worked with him for many years, and is honored to be able to bring his amazing pioneer vision to fulfilment.