Holy Land

Holy Land Hibonite

The first Holy Land Hibonite was found by Shefa in Israel in 2016. High gem-quality Hibonite originated from the Holy Land are VERY RARE. As of today, less than 50 Carats where discovered.

Hibonite is a mineral, occurring in various colors, with a hardness of 7.5–8.0 and a hexagonal crystal structure. Hibonite  is one of the oldest minerals in the solar system. Some pre-solar grains in primitive meteorites consist of hibonite.

It was first discovered in 1953 in Madagascar by Paul Hibon, a French prospector, after whom it is named. It has, since then, been considered one of the rarest minerals.

Its use as a gemstone has been limited, and largely confined to placer material from Myanmar, which yields transparent yellow crystals up to 1-2 cm across.

Hibonite Spiritual possible effectsProtects and wards off evil spirits.