About Us


Shefa in Israel (G.M.) Ltd. is an Israeli company, the only explorer and developer of precious gems mines in Northern Israel. 

All exploration activity is managed by professionally skilled and technically competent personnel and is accompanied by an international team of geological experts with decades of proven experience in their fields. 

Currently, Shefa in Israel holds exclusive exploration Permits for a total area of approximately 470,000 dunams in the northern State of Israel.

Also, Shefa in Israel holds an exclusive  ‘Certificate of Discovery’ for the first economic mine of precious gems in the Holy Land of Israel (“The Kishon Mid-Reach“) on an area of about 500 dunams in the Haifa area.

With its international geological consultant team, Shefa in Israel has established the presence of precious gems (including Diamond, Natural moissanite, Sapphire, Ruby, Carmel Sapphire™, Garnet, Hibonite, Spinel, Ilmenite, Zircon and Rutile), in both primary volcanic sources and in secondary alluvial deposits lying within the Kishon catchment, on Mount Carmel and in the Zevulun and Yizre’el valleys and their margins.  

The Company’s activities include the development of the first precious gems mine in the Holy Land of Israel as aforesaid, as well as the development of additional mines in the said permit areas.